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Located in Lewisville, Texas this husband and wife photography team serves all of the DFW area and beyond.

Heyyyyyyyy! We are so glad you made it to our website and we just have to tell you why you want to hire us. And it isn't the usual "we love to take pictures and we love people," though both of those things are totally true. The thing is, you want to hire us because we bring some really important things to the table when it comes to your photos, we bring the awesome. What does that mean? It means we are full of energy and life! We love to live and laugh and we love to serve others. We want your wedding or photo session to be FUN! We want to laugh and smile and we may even jump into a dance or two during a reception because people and photos and love make us happy. We want to celebrate you. We want you to feel important and special.  And you know what else? We aren't boring! And that important piece of us translates into our work. We want to capture you as you are. In that moment. We want to reveal your light and love and passion and soul. Sure, we do cute posed photos, too....but capturing those little, special intimate moments is really our jam. Did your mom crack up laughing at the best man speech? Did you dad shed tears of joy when he saw you in your wedding dress? Did your sweet, brand new baby girl smile in her sleep as we were shooting her newborn session? Yeah. And we capture every one of those special moments so you have them forever.

Photo Credit: Michelle Larva

Photo Credit: Michelle Larva


Photography, like poetry, captures the essence within us. It transforms single moments into lasting images that inspire us, move us, and make us see the world in a way we haven't before.

I grew up with an artistic spirit. As a child, I was always playing music, dancing, or creating my own one-person plays for friends in my bedroom. Later, taking pictures for the school yearbook, shooting and producing video in my small school’s only video class, and writing drove me through the tough years of adolescence. When I was an English teacher, I saw the importance that art and writing have on people, including myself.

My dear friend and photographer, Christy Penn (she taught me everything I know), inspired me. Now it is my turn to inspire you.

Here are 15 things you might want to know about me:

1. I am a Texas transplant—originally from NM, but I am finding Texas friendly and am loving it here.

2. I am the lucky enough to be the momma of a beautiful little boy named Asher. He was adopted at birth and is the greatest gift I have ever been given.

3. I am a teacher and I absolutely love it. I'm good at it, too.

4. I like to cook (and I am good at it, too). My most recent obsession: Pretty much anything the Pioneer Woman makes.

5. I love the sun. Anything with water and the sun and you can count me in.

6. I love to read, write, and dance—not necessarily in that order.

7. I am a poetry nerd. I love poetry.

8. I really love to stay fit and workout. It is my outlet!

9. I am short—please don’t mistake this for small. The two are quite different.

10. I have short fuse, a big heart, and I love to laugh.

11. I try not to take myself too seriously. This does NOT mean that I don’t take your images seriously, because I do. I know how important my services are and I promise to give you 110%.

12. I may say or ask silly or random things while taking your pictures—don’t be alarmed. I am just trying to capture the real you.

13. When photographing your children, a wedding, or any family session, I will always call the mom and dad “mom” and “dad."

14. I am nostalgic 80's music and movies (there is only ONE version of Dirty Dancing thank you very much!!), I am a sucker for mashed potatoes, and if I could be reborn in any era, it would be the 1920's.

15. True love does exist...which is why we are now a husband and wife duo!

Photo Credit: Stefanie Hampton Morrow

Photo Credit: Stefanie Hampton Morrow


Travis is a Midwestern born, Texas loving dude who has been in the Lone Star state for more than 20 years. Travis picked up a camera a few years ago and began to love creating images. He happened to invite Melissa on one of those excursions...and the rest is history (don't mind the fact that it took a little more than a year for her to go out with him again—but it’s no biggie!!).

Travis and Melissa were married in July of 2016 and have been a husband and wife duo ever since!